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The Comment Link Suggest-O-Tron

The Comment Link Suggest-O-Tron

If you run a blog and you’re anything like me, you have a huge ego that needs to be fed regularly and there is nothing more nourishing than a long list of comments and responses to something intelligent, useful or insightful that you’ve published.

So how do you get your visitors to leave you a nice meal message?

With my nifty new plugin, the Comment Link Suggest-O-Tron!

The Suggest-O-Tron sits under your Edit Posts box and reminds, nay DEMANDS that you post a question or prompt to get people to start a discussion.

Suggest-O-Tron Suggestions

And, in case you can’t think of anything to write, it comes with a built in list of pre-written sentences scientifically proven1 to increase the number of comments on your blog posts.

Comment Link Suggest-O-Tron

Using my patented2 Comment Tag Builder®, you decide which words or phrases appear as links and the Suggest-O-Tron takes care of the messy task of building links.

Cleverly, the links it builds lead directly to the Reply area, forcing folks to fill out the form before they have time to focus.

Devious, yes, but when you absolutely have to have those comments, sometimes drastic measures are necessary.

Finally, in a fit of fantasticness, it also works in RSS feeds. This is valuable stuff, because there are no comments lists or reply forms in feeds. With this plugin’s direct linkage, however, people reading in readers will not miss out on the opportunity to leave a response!

Quick Summary of All the Awesome Things:

  • List of pre-written comment prompts
  • Ability to add and delete oft-used comment prompts to your list, saving you seconds on every post!
  • Automatically adds a link right back to your comments form
  • Works in RSS feeds, prompting people to click through back to your site
  • Ability to add basic formatting - bold and italicise it so it metaphorically grabs people by the scruff of the neck and throws them towards the Leave a Reply form
  • Knows whether you’re using the† tags or not and only shows if you’re not. It’s pretty smart like that.

Simon! Simon! I want it sooo bad! How do I get it?

This sterling example of WordPress engineering is available for your downloading pleasure direct from its own page on the WordPress repository.

If you have bug reports or feature suggestions, I’ve created a page under my new Plugins menu item where you can ask for help or suggest improvements, you can contact me.

Here’s to many happy comment-filled posts!

  1. This might be a lie.

  2. It might not be patented.