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Sketchbook Sunday: 31 Characters in 31 Days

Sketchbook Sunday: 31 Characters in 31 Days

For the month of march I took up the 30 Characters challenge. The idea of the challenge is that, for the month of November, you draw a new character every single day for that month.

I only found out about it recently and I didn’t want to wait until this November so I decided to do it for the month of March so my challenge is actually 31 characters in 31 days.

I’ve posted a few of them on the site already, but this week I have collected all 31 characters together in a nice spangly gallery.

31 Characters in 31 Days

The quality varies wildly from ones that I’m very proud of to embarrassing wrecks but they all have value in that they forced me to draw for 25 minutes every single day without fail. It’s a habit I now have and that I don’t want to lose.